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Architecture and Interior Design Material Resources

What are Material Resources?

"Materials are like words.  The richer your design vocabulary, the more solutions you can see and express." *
 Items in the Belden Brick Materials Resource Library** come in all shapes and sizes. Students have access to  textiles, glass, wood, brick, etc.,  to  use in their projects as well as experience a wide variety of these unique items to explore and inspire.

The system used to categorize the materials is the Construction Specifications Index (CSI). The categories being used are  Concrete, Masonry, Metals, Wood, plastics & composites, Openings, Finishes and Furnishings. There are approximately 500 items and growing in the 1500 sq ft. resource center.  It is not a static collection as materials are frequently being added.


*Exploring materials: creative design for everyday objects. Alesina, Inna and Ellen Lupton.NY: Princeton Architectural Press, 2010. 

**Please sign in at the Architecture Library circulation desk before going upstairs to use the collection.