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Systematic Review Methods for Topics in Philosophy and Religion: SRM Theoretical Psychology

Presentation at APA - August 2015

A copy of the paper is linked below.  Comments on originality are below. 

Title: Free Will and Agency: A Scoping Review and Map

A paper/presentation for, APA Division 24 - The Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology
The Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association
Toronto, Canada, August 6, 2015.

Presenter: Paul Fehrmann, University Libraries, Kent State University

Comments related to originality.  

1. These three files show email in early 2014 pertaining to a grant dealing with systematic review methods (SRM) and philosophy. Access may require login to your Google account.

2. This article is the first I have seen *explicitly arguing for using SRM and philosophy.

SRM in philosophical and theoretical psychology - 2014 presentation at APA

This project pursued an initial "rapid review"  to see the use of "systematic review methods" for topics in philosophical and theoretical psychology.

A result is reported in a paper at the APA's Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 2014 Midwinter Meeting, March 6-8, 2014, in Atlanta, Georgia.    

The powerpoint used for that presentation is linked below.

A handout use for the presentation is also linked below.

An article is being developed.