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Systematic Review Methods for Topics in Philosophy and Religion: Home

Systematic Review Methods (SRM) for Topics in Philosophy and Religion

This  site is is being used as a resource for managing and sharing information and potentially collaborating on projects related to the use of "systematic review methods"  (SRM) for topics in "philosophy and religion". Content will be evolving.

Literature reviews are used in all disciplines to provide background or to present overviews on topics.

Concerns have been raised about traditional literature reviews, and SRM have been developed and are being used to support efforts to address those concerns.

At this time this site includes or will include information about three projects. Sections on this site shown at left have information about the following.

  • SRMPTP  The use of SRM for topics in theoretical and philosophical psychology. Includes PowerPoint and Handout used for presentation at the 2014 Midwinter Meeting, American Psychological Association, Division 24, March 6-8, 2014, Atlanta, Georgia
  • SRMR  The use of SRM for topics in religion.  Project underway.  Content for this section is being developed.
  • Intolerance in Religion  A 'rapid review' used to ‘map the social science literature’ on the topic of ‘intolerance in religion’.  Project underway.  Current content includes PowerPoint and Handout used on June 5, 2014 for a presentation at the 2014 Annual Conference on Information & Religion, Center for the Study of Information and Religion, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio