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Informed Transitions: High School Outreach Program: Borrowing Policies

High School Borrowing Options

Option 1: Individual Borrowing (age 16 and up)

Community members 16 years of age or older may become Community Borrowers free of charge by requesting borrowing privileges at the Circulation Desk of the Kent Campus Main Library.  All borrowers must present a valid photo ID when requesting privileges or borrowing materials. Please see information on circulation policies (loan periods, renewals, and fines) for Community Borrowers here.  In this scenario each individual student is responsible for any items checked out.

Option 2: Teacher/Librarian Borrowing

A teacher or librarian accompanying the students may elect to check out all the students' materials on their own card.  That individual is then responsible for the return of any items. A special account will be created for the teacher and arrangements will be made before your visit. This option will allow for the scenario where some or all of the visiting students are not yet eligible for Option #1.

Option 3: High School Guarantee

University Libraries also offers the option to have the high school sign an agreement to be responsible for items checked out to students. In this scenario individual accounts can be created for each student based on a school-supplied ID number prior to the visit.