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reasons to vote



1. Voting is YOUR right.  If you are a U.S. citizen of legal age, you are eligible to vote, no matter your background or circumstances. The Kent State Votes Coalition is here to help you exercise your civic right.

2. Your community needs you. If you want change, help elect leaders who will foster that change. In the Kent State community. some of your peers cannot vote; others use their civic voice in other ways. This is an opportunity for you to speak up for your community.

3. College students EARNED this right. Past generations of young people fought for the right to vote. The 26th Amendment extended voting rights to 18- to 20-year-olds. Your vote honors past students who fought for change.

4. Voting magnifies your voice. Young people are embracing politics. Voting is a way to see your political values reflected in your local, state and national government. You do not have to choose between voting and taking action. You can protest AND vote. You can boycott AND vote. You can volunteer, donate, criticize AND vote. Don’t limit your voice.

5. Defy the odds. Young people are expected to turn out at lower rates than older Americans. Show up to the polls and show the world that young people are engaged, educated and empowered.