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Geology: Guidebooks & Fieldtrip Manuals

Finding Guidebooks

Finding Guidebooks & Field Guides

1. Search the Guidebooks Database for your area - or to determine if a guidebook exists using state, county, and feature, to search.

2. Search GeoRef for state or federal geological survey publications and other geologic literature. Use the term guidebook* or fieldtrip*.

3. Search the Guidebooks of GSA (Geological Society of America) online. Scroll through the publications, or search for your region, state, county, or feature.

4. Search the GSA website. Look through the Meetings and Excursions, and also the Sections and Divisions for your areas of interest. Lists of field trips (where a field guidebook is produced) and also some links to field guides may be found.

5. Search the USGS publications database using state, county, and feature

6. Search the Ohio Department of Natural Resources list of publications by county for local resources.

7. Search the Geological Society of Ohio list of publications for local field guides

Many of these publications can be found in the Library Catalog, KentLINK, or OhioLINK. Use the title search to find out.

Guidebook Search Tools