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Study Spaces: 4th floor Study Rooms for Individuals

Small study carrel that can accommodate one individual. The room has a table/shelf area, chair, and electrical outlets. WiFi is available in each carrel.

4th floor Study Rooms for Individuals

Three 4th floor Study Rooms for Individuals in the University Library can now be scheduled.

  • Rooms 418B, 418C, 418D, are located across the south side of the 4th floor study area.  Each room has a small table and chair, a window, an electrical outlet, and WIFI internet access. 

To schedule a 4th Floor Study Room for Individuals in the Main Library:

Use LibCal to schedule your room and time.

Arrive at your scheduled time, bring your student ID (Flash Card), go directly to the room. If there are any questions or issues, ask at the first floor Library Services the University Library.

Book a 4th Floor Study Room for Individuals

  • Rooms may be scheduled for same-day use Sunday through Saturday.
  • Rooms are scheduled in one hour blocks. You may schedule 6th Floor Study Rooms for Individuals for a total of two hours per day. The two hours may be a combination of one hour in one room and one hour in another or two hours in the same room. The hours may be back to back or at different times during the day.
  • If you have scheduled a room and do not show up within 15 minutes of your scheduled time, you forfeit your scheduled time and another individual may use the room for the remainder of the hour.
  • Repeated no-shows will result in you being blocked from scheduling rooms in the future. If you have registered for a room and must cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled time, please call the first floor Lending Services cancel.
  • The room schedule for the day can be accessed by scanning the QR code posted outside the room.
  • If a room is not scheduled for a particular hour, that room is available to be used by any individual.
  • When your scheduled time is over and if the room is scheduled by another individual for the next hour, please leave the room promptly.
  • If there are any questions or problems, please ask at the first floor Lending Services Desk.