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Special Topic: Nursing Theorists: Finding Books and Articles on Your Nursing Theorist

Search Tips: Searching CINAHL for Articles about a Nursing Theorist

Here are some search strategies that you might find useful!

Search Tip #1: Search for the nursing theorist as a "Named Person" for articles about the theorist:

Search Tip #2: Search the name of the nursing theorist's model as as text words:

Search Tip #3: Search for articles by the nursing theorist which explain the model and its application:

Additionally, you might find the CINAHL search hints on this library guide from the Jefferson College of Health Sciences useful!

How to Find Books about a Particular Nursing Theorist

Look for books in the KentLINK library catalog!
Use the "Books & More" search box on the University Libraries' homepage.

Try a "Subject" search using the theorist's last name:

Try a "Keyword" search using the name of the theorist's model:

Try This: Search by the Specific Nursing Theory Subject Term

You can use CINAHL headings to search for articles on these particular nursing theories!