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Special Topic: Nursing Theorists: Using CINAHL to Find Journal Articles on your Nursing Theorist

Search Tips: Searching CINAHL for Articles about a Nursing Theorist

Here are some search strategies that you might find useful!

Search Tip #1: Search for the nursing theorist as a "Named Person" for articles about the theorist:

Search Tip #2: Search the name of the nursing theorist's model as as text words:

Search Tip #3: Search for articles by the nursing theorist which explain the model and its application:


Watch this Quick Video to Learn how to Search using CINAHL Subject Headings

Try This: Search by the Specific Nursing Theory Subject Heading

You can use CINAHL headings to search for articles on these particular nursing theories.  Search for "Models, Theoretical," and select a theory from the list by clicking the check box to the left of the theory and the green "Search Database" button to the right.  See the video below for more instructions on how to search CINAHL using Subject Headings.