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Special Topic: Nursing Theorists: Choosing a Nursing Theorist for Your Project

Explore Nursing Theories and Theorists

Once you've chosen a theory or theorist, search for it in KentLINK.  Tip:  in the box labeled "Search Type," select "Author" to find if there are items written by your theorist owned by Kent State.  Try "Subject" and search for your theorist's name to find works written about your theorist.

If you don't find much using KentLINK, try the above search strategy in OhioLINK.  Remember that OhioLINK requested items can be delivered to any OhioLINK library, picked up with Curbside pickup at the Kent Campus, or delivered to any Kent Regional Campus libraries.

Web Resources about Nursing Theorists

You might find these academic and commercial websites useful for finding information about nursing theorists and their nursing models!

Books in the University Libraries' Collection about Nursing Theorists