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Audio Production Tutorials: Audacity

Print tutorial: Audacity basics

Please note:

  • Different versions of Audacity are not compatible with each other. (Download Audacity)
  • In order to export from Audacity as an mp3 file you need to download and install the LAME mp3 Encoder. (For instructions on installing and activating the encoder view the first page of this tutorial on how to create a podcast.)

Video tutorial: Audacity basics

This video tutorial shows you how to record narration, import audio, edit the tracks and export as a finished mp3 file.

Video topics:

  • 0:12 - Set up your project

  • 1:13 - Record narration

  • 3:54 - Import audio

  • 4:36 - Adjust track volume (gain)

  • 5:15 - Using the time shift tool

  • 6:36 - Editing with the selection tool

  • 8:46 - Split an audio clip

  • 9:55 - Using the envelope tool (advanced volume adjustments)

  • 11:51 - Add fade-ins / fade-outs

  • 13:10 - Export as an mp3 file

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