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Video Production Tutorials: Capturing Video from Web

Capturing video from the web


The easiest way to capture a video from the web is to use RealPlayer and the Download Browser Plug-in. Once downloaded, the video can be converted using the RealPlayer Conversion tools into just about any other video format like Windows Media Video (WMV), AVI or Quicktime (MOV) for editing or inserting into a PowerPoint presentation if desired.

For more information about downloading and installing the free RealMedia Player and using the Download Browser Plug-in to download videos from the web click here.


For Mac users working with iMovie, you can download YouTube videos through as mp4 files. Just copy the video link from YouTube and paste into the field on the YouTubNow's homepage.

Note: mp4 video files on a Windows machine work in Live Movie Maker but not Movie Maker 2.6. If downloading videos from YouTube on a Windows computer we recommend using RealPlayer as mentioned above.