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Writing papers in philosophy

Tips on Writing a Philosophy Paper for Non-Philosophy Majors -  Princeton Correspondents on Undergraduate Research.

This is from that a recent posting on that site.  "Philosophy papers require a very particular approach, and it can be daunting to write one if you are used to the conventional research or argumentative paper. However, you can learn so much from a philosophy class, including philosophical concepts, argumentative theories, and the principles of clear writing. Hopefully these tips will be helpful in writing your next philosophy paper ! 

Writing : Philosophy.  Everyone finds different things helpful.  This resource has a set of ideas and examples for writing that seem worth scanning and maybe using as a guide.

Citing your sources

It is important to know how to cite sources that you use when writing papers.  Do find out what "style" is needed for this class. For example, Chicago, or MLA, or APA, etc.  Also this section on citing may contain more in the near future, but for now, the links below can help with basic citing questions.

General information about writing at KSU

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