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Introduction to Philosophy - Library Resources

About this web site

1. The web address for this site is

2. A goal is to give students access to online information related to "introduction to philosophy". 

3. The left side of this screen shows "areas" or "types" of information.

4. Click an area at the left to see links for online resources to search. 

5. Clicking a link should open a new window or tab. 

6. After clicking on a link(s), you probably will be asked to  log in with your KSU ID and password. You may also see this: Connect to resource EBSCOhost (OhioLINK access limited to 1 user at a time. Try again later if not working.)

7. As a back up to connect (if KSU ID and password do not work), find out about and maybe use the GlobalProtect VPN software that is free for KSU students and faculty and staff.