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Architectural Discourses: Introduction & Research Tools

Architectural Discourses

Welcome!  This guide supports the CAED Architectural Discourses courses.   This guide includes research tools, citation tools, and exhibition spaces.  These resources serve as starting points rather than a comprehensive list.  Want to suggest a resource?  Please contact the architecture librarian.

Reserves for this Course

Electronic Reserves

Students enrolled in this class have access to additional film resources through ARES (Automated Reserves System). To access the the designated resources login to ARES with your Flashline credentials.  

Print Reserves

Several print books have been placed on reserve for this course. To review the list, please visit the Course Reserves Search and enter "Architectural Discourses."

Finding Books - Library Catalogs

Discovery@Kent State

Discovery@Kent State simultaneously searches KentLINK, OhioLINK, and several databases. It retrieves books, ebook, journal articles, and other items. Discovery@Kent State may uncover cross-disciplinary research due to its broad data set. However, it is just one option among several research tools. Utilizing more narrowly focused tools, such as the catalogs and individual databases, can sometimes be more effective and efficient in locating relevant results.

KentLINK & OhioLINK Catalogs

The Kentlink catalog searches the records of books, ebooks, films, music, and other items owned by Kent State University.   The Ohiolink catalog searches college and university libraries across Ohio as well as the OhioLINK Electronic Book Center.  Individual journal articles generally cannot be found using these catalogs (See the Database section or use Discovery @ Kent State to find journal articles).

Finding Journal Articles - Databases

Databases are tools for locating journal articles by their titles, authors, and topics. Kent State University Libraries subscribes to hundreds of databases. Each database has a different scope and some may overlap with others. Searching multiple databases may prove beneficial in many instances. The following list contains the databases most frequently used by design students. Most search the records of the articles (as opposed to the articles' full text).