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Health Disparities: Start Here

Guide to Public Health Information Resources

The University Libraries Guide to Public Health Information Resources is YOUR source for information in support of your Public Health coursework and professional practice!

You will find links to University Libraries and OhioLINK resources for finding information on public health topics as well as links to high quality web resources.

How to Use this Guide to Write Your Health Disparities Essay

Page highlights:

  • Start Here: Check out the main University Libraries website and the Guide to Public Health Information Resources. Many of the links on this course guide point to information on these websites.
  • Need to Know: Be sure you know how to access resources from off-campus and how to use the FindIt! Icon!
  • Choose an Essay Topic: Explore the resources on this page to help you find a topic to write about! THEN after you have chosen your topic, some of these resources will help you find in-depth information on that topic for your essay!
  • Literature Search Tips: You know how to search the web, but these tips will help you search more effectively for scholarly, professional literature in research databases.
  • PubMed Search Tips: Learn the secrets of searching PubMed, your "go to" key health sciences database. Be sure to follow the link to watch the video demonstrating how to search using the MeSH subject terms!
  • Disparities Search Tips: This page shows you how to optimize your search for information on disparities topics in particular.
  • Essay Writing Tips: You’ll find out how to write your own paper in your own words!

Need Assistance?

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