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Resources for Distance Education Music Majors: Locate Articles from Citations

You may find a citation in a footnote or bibliography/references list that you would like to track down. Here's an example of music-related citation in a book:

Agawu, V. K. "Does Music Theory Need Musicology?," Current Musicology 53 (1993), pp. 89-98.

Citation Breakdown: "Agawu" is the author of the article. The phrase in "quotes" is the title of the article, and the italicized phrase that follows is the title of the journal. "53 (1993)" is the volume number and date showing when the journal published, followed by the location of the article within the journal.

  1. Open the Journal Finder
  2. Type the title of the journal in the search box (i.e. Current Musicology)
  3. Browse print and electronic holdings or click on the option to "Look up Article"Location of "Look up Article" link
  4. Type the title of the article (i.e. Does Music Theory Need Musicology) or whatever information you have into the search form and click on the "Look Up" button.
  5. Explore the options listed after "Available at:" to locate the desired article.

You may also browse journal titles by subject oin the Journal Finder. In the "Browse journal by subject" section select "Music, dance, drama & film" to view Performing Arts-related titles.