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White Privilege and White Supremacy


White Privilege.  This link runs a search for recent videos on YouTube.

Twitter and Tumblr

White Privilege.  Search on Twitter.

White Privilege. Search on Tumblr.

Articles in "Newspapers"

White Privilege.  This link connects to "white privilege" content in "newspapers".

Articles using Research Databases

White Privilege.  This link runs a search simultaneously on all of the EBSCO research databases at Kent State.

White Privilege. This link limits the search results across all EBSCO databases to content in "peer reviewed journals".

Articles in Digital Commons

White Privilege.  This link searches for and connects to open access papers in the "Digital Commons".  Content should be related to "white privilege".


This web site is related to the Antiracism guide at Kent State University Libraries.   Another related guide is the Black Lives Matter guide. Another related guide has Resources on Race and Anti-Racism.

The links below can be used as beginning points to search for resources on "white privilege" and "white supremacy".  Click on a link to automatically search for resources.

Expectations are that development of this web site, as well as the Antiracism guide noted above, may well continue.

White Privilege - Searches using Google and Google Scholar

White Privilege. Google search with "white privilege".

White PrivilegeGoogle search with "white privilege" in titles.

White Privilege. Google Scholar search.

White Privilege. Google Scholar search for "white privilege" in titles.


Books - White Priviledge/White Supremacy - KentLINK searches (can continue in OhioLINK)

The searches below are "keyword" searches (KW) for books.

White Privilege.  This search finds resources ("books") that have content labeled "white privilege" in book titles, or titles of chapters, etc.

White Supremacy.  This search finds resources ("books") that have content labeled "white supremacy" in them.

Whites -- Race identity.  This search finds resources that are about "whiteness" using "Whites -- Race Identity" as Library of Congress subject with "whiteness" as additional search term.

Dissertations and Theses - White Privilege

White Privilege. This link connects to searches for theses and dissertations that have "white privilege" in the abstract, title, etc.  The link will expire on June 29, 2021.