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Describes video sources of all types, including content licensed by Kent State and OhioLINK.

Request a Video for Teaching

If you are teaching a course and need to request a video for a course, contact Course Reserves. Be sure to specify if you are teaching in a face-to-face classroom or online, and if you need streaming rights. 

To browse video materials that are already licensed for use, see below.

Licensed Streaming Video Resources

These resources are licensed by Kent State University Libraries and may be used in face-to-face or online courses.

Free Streaming Video Resources

Copyright Information for Videos

Whenever possible, Kent State University Libraries purchases or licenses video content for instructors' use in courses. If you are an instructor, staff, or student who would like to request a video for a course, please contact Course Reserves.

If you are streaming a "reasonable and limited" portion of a dramatic literary work (most films fall into this category) for your course, your use could be covered by the TEACH Act. For detailed information on the TEACH Act, we recommend the Original TEACH Act Toolkit from the Louisiana State University.

In certain cases, if you cannot obtain licensed streaming access or permission to stream a video, or if the TEACH Act does not apply, you may be able to invoke Fair Use. If you do so, keep a record of this use by completing a Fair Use Evaluation form.

Remember that Section 110 of the Copyright Law allows instructors to show any legally-acquired copy of a video the face-to-face classroom to currently-enrolled students as long as it is part of the curriculum.

See the U.S. Copyright Office for details in the law about videos in the classroom.