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Resources on Race: Three Guides

This resource points to guides developed since the Spring of 2020. A goal is to promote careful thinking, personal and interpersonal growth, and positive action.

Discovery, thinking, positive personal growth/action, and interpersonal caring.

During the Spring of 2020, along with so many others, librarians at Kent State began to see that we need to learn so much more about racism.

Drawing on personal experiences, felt needs for research, and meetings in the University Libraries and in the broader KSU community, a number of efforts were pursued in the University Libraries.

The results of those separate efforts led to development of three guides. One for Antiracism, one for the Black Lives Matter movement, and one on Race and Anti-Racism. See links to these web sites at left

Although the three resources do contain some overlapping ideas and content, the hope is that even as ideas and events related to racism are evolving, these guides can provide helpful information for careful thinking, personal growth, interpersonal caring, and positive action.


We welcome your questions, thoughts and ideas.

We anticipate that this resource about racism will evolve. The resources listed at left will also likely see periodic updating.

Do send us your comments, questions, or suggestions.  We will appreciate any input that you can give.