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Intolerance & Religion - A Scoping/Rapid Review Case Study: Intolerance & Religion

A Case Study Paper for SSSR Conference - 2016

"A scoping review of "intolerance and religion" in the psychology literature"
A paper presentation for The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
Annual Meeting – Atlanta, Georgia – October 2016
Paul Fehrmann
University Libraries, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Information prepared for the presentation is included under the links on the left.

Description of current project & paper

Traditional literature reviews (TLR) have long been and continue to be utilized for overviews and background understanding of research topics. Systematic reviews (SR) are methods that provide a more rigorous framework and product compared to TLR. Scoping and Rapid Review approaches have recently seen increased attention as alternatives to full SR. These two approaches vary from fuller SR projects, but they seek to incorporate methods that support rigor in process and outcome. This current project and presentation looks at methodology guidance from the literature on Scoping and Rapid Reviews. A case study goal is to create a map of how the topic of “tolerance and religion” is addressed in the published psychological literature.  My focus is on empirical studies published as peer reviewed journal articles. 

A great deal of discussion in papers uses term "tolerance" even though they are also talking about "intolerance"

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