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Graduate Bookplate Program: Graduate Bookplate Program

How will you Leave Your Legacy?

Leave a Legacy Build a Future
University Libraries Graduate Bookplate Program

Leave a legacy that stands the test of time. When you support Kent State's Graduate Bookplate Program, your personalized gift stays with University Libraries for years to come. 

The Graduate Bookplate Program is perfect for: 

  • Soon-to-be graduates and recent graduates
  • An influential professor, mentor or classmate
  • Celebrating the milestone of college graduation
  • Parents, family and friends of graduates
  • Friends of University Libraries
  • Recognizing an organization, club or society
  • Showing gratitude for a family member, professor or friend who supported you in your studies
  • Memorialize a deceased spouse, parent, grandparent, family member or friend

Every bookplate donation supports the University Libraries Student Scholarship fund. This scholarship program gives vital support to Kent State students who might not otherwise be able to afford the rising costs of a college education.