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Data Management: Data Repository Options

List of data storage options available to researchers

Data Repository Options

A data repository is simply a place to store or archive datasets, often with the intent to permit reuse or replication. Using a repository to store and preserve your data versus hosting it on your website facilitates its discovery and preservation. This will ensure the data is accessible to other researchers and that care will be taken to preserve the data over time.

Many options exist for storage and accessibility of research data. If you're looking for a place to host your data, consider whether you want the data to be shared publicly or accessible only to you and a select group. These decisions will help to guide the proper data repository for your data. There may be more than one solution that works to address questions of accessibility and long-term storage of your research.

If you are a current Kent State University faculty, staff or student, there is a free option available: Kent State University's institutional repository, Open Access Kent State (OAKS), can host data and make it freely available on the Web. Contact to learn more about this possibility.

If OAKS can't meet your storage needs or you wish to pursue additional subject related repositories, there are other options. The resource is a global registry of research data repositories that covers research data repositories from different academic disciplines.

Please consult with your KSU subject librarian for more information on appropriate subject-specific data repositories.