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Dance for Children Resources: Journal Articles

Finding Journal Articles

Journal Article Indexes

The best place to start your search for journal articles is in online databases or indexes. You may have to search several different databases to find available articles. The primary databases are JSTOR & Ebsco (see tabs above for search tips & tricks) and the following databases include entries on dance articles. Sign-in required to read articles from off-campus.


Possible Search Terms

Before starting your search it can be helpful to come up with a list of relevant terms and their synonyms. Here are a few terms and subject phrases to help you start finding articles on teaching children:

  • Ballet -- Study & teaching
  • Ballet dancing
  • Child dancers
  • Child Development
  • Child psychology
  • Cognition
  • Cognition in Children
  • Creative Ability
  • Dance
  • Dance -- Study and Teaching
  • Dance & Children
  • Dance for Children
  • Dance teachers
  • Dance Therapy


You may also browse available journal titles online using the Journal Finder.

Use tabs above for more tips on finding Journal Articles. 

  1. Begin your search by opening one of the Ebsco databases in your discipline. [Example: Click to open Music Index].
  2. Then, click “Choose Databases.” This will allow you to search all the Ebsco databases related to your subject at one time rather than repeating your searches separately in each database!
    Location of choose databases option on search page
  3. Place a check by all of the databases you’d like to search, then choose “ok.”
    EbscoHost database option
  4. Then enter your terms and conduct your search. Ebsco has a good “help” section with even more tips & tricks if you want to improve your search skills (the link is located in the upper-right corner of the interface).

Use tabs above for more tips on finding Journal Articles. 

  1. “Advance” searches provide more options
  2. Tutorials available
  3. JSTOR searches full text (not just abstracts), so be careful with your search terms. It may be helpful to narrow your search by putting phrases in quotation marks, which forces the database to only provide results that contain the words adjacent to each other in a specific order.
    • Teaching dance=58,177 results
    • “Teaching dance”=202 results 

Use tabs above for more tips on finding Journal Articles. 

  1. Request e-delivery of articles, book chapters and other resources that you cannot access electronically with full-text online through InterLibrary Loan (ILL). Free-of-charge, ILL and electronic article delivery are offered to all current Kent State faculty, staff, and students. Turnaround time for KSU materials is two business days. Non-KSU materials and large orders may take longer.
  2. Click on the “Find It” button from databases to automatically fill out your ILL form; click on “request an electronic copy"
    Location of Find It button option on search page
    Location of Request an Electronic Copy Option to auto complete ILL Request form

Contact ILL:
330-672-2670  |

Use tabs above for more tips on finding Journal Articles. 

The Performing Arts Library created journal collection descriptors for users to quickly identify holdings of journal titles at Kent State University. The descriptors are thin DVD cases located next to the bound journals, and contain the journal title, print holdings, electronic access, and indexing information. A list of all journal titles is shelved with the current periodicals.

Use tabs above for more tips on finding Journal Articles. 

You may find a citation in a footnote or bibliography/references list that you would like to track down. Here's an example of music-related citation in a book:

Agawu, V. K. "Does Music Theory Need Musicology?," Current Musicology 53 (1993), pp. 89-98.

Citation Breakdown: "Agawu" is the author of the article. The phrase in "quotes" is the title of the article, and the italicized phrase that follows is the title of the journal. "53 (1993)" is the volume number and date showing when the journal published, followed by the location of the article within the journal.

  1. Open the Journal Finder
  2. Type the title of the journal in the search box (i.e. Current Musicology)
  3. Browse print and electronic holdings or click on the option to "Look up Article"
    Location of "Look up Article" link in Journal Find
  4. Type the title of the article (i.e. Does Music Theory Need Musicology) or whatever information you have into the search form and click on the "Look Up" button.
  5. Explore the options listed after "Available at:" to locate the desired article.

You may also browse journal titles by subject oin the Journal Finder. In the "Browse journal by subject" section select "Music, dance, drama & film" to view Performing Arts-related titles.

Use tabs above for more tips on finding Journal Articles. 

Student working at computer stationCitation Tools Guide: Links to APA, MLA, Chicago & Turabian, and AMA style manuals. Check with your professor to see which one is appropriate for your discipline.

Use tabs above for more tips on finding Journal Articles.