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Textbooks on Reserve for Core Courses: Home

Access to required textbooks through the library's Course Reserves for Kent Core (general education requirements) courses.


The Core Textbooks on Reserve program is designed to give students free access to textbooks for some Kent Core (general education) courses.

Textbooks for this project were chosen because they were used in multiple Core courses with high enrollment, multiple sections, and usually found at a higher cost. Depending on the enrollment in the core class, more than one copy of a title may have been purchased by the library and placed on reserve.

Core Textbooks are available for check out at the circulation desk located on the first floor in the University Library. They can circulate for two hours and may not leave the building.  

ANTH 18630 Human Evolution ARTH 12001 Art as a World Phenomenon 
ARTH 22006 Art History 1: Ancient and Medieval Art ARTH 22007 Art History 2: Renaissance to Modern Art
ASL 19201 Elementary American Sign Language 1 ASL 19202 Elementary American Sign Language 2
ASL 29201 Intermediate American Sign Language 1 ASL 29202 Intermediate American Sign Language 2
BSCI 10001 Human Biology BSCI 10002 Life on Planet Earth
BSCI 10110 Biological Diversity BSCI 10120 Biological Foundations
BSCI 20020 Biological Structure and Function CHEM 10030 Chemistry in Our World
CHEM 10050 Fundamentals of Chemistry CHEM 10052 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
CHEM 10061 General Chemistry 2 CHEM 20481 Basic Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM 30476 Organic Chemistry Lab 2  
COMM 15000 Introduction to Human Communication  COMM 20000 Foundations of Communication
COMM 20001 Interpersonal Communication (Instructor: Aaron Bacue) COMM 25902 Communication Theory
COMM 26000 Criticism of Public Discourse COMM 6/75661 Communication in an Information Society
DSCI 10410 Information Ethics and Social Responsibility DSCI 26010 Telecommunications Infrastructure
DSCI 33310 Human-Computer Interaction DSCI 34410 Digital Information Management and Processing
DSCI 4/51510 Global Project Management and Team Dynamics DSCI 51610 Digital Systems Security
DSCI 62010 Business Architecture DSCI 64010 Data Architecture
DSCI 64210 Data Science DSCI 65010 Application and Technology Architecture
ECON 22060 Principles of Microeconomics ECON 22061 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENG 11011 College Writing 1 ENG 21011 College Writing 2
FIN 36053 Business Finance FR 13201 Elementary French 1
GEOG 17064 Geography of the United States and Canada GEOG 21062 Physical Geography
GEOL 11040 How the Earth Works GEOL 11042 Earth and Life through Time
GEOL 21062 Environmental Earth Science GERO 14029 Introduction to Gerontology
HIST 11050 World History: Ancient and Medieval HIST 11051 World History: Modern
HIST 12070 Early America: From Pre-Colonization to Civil War and Reconstruction HIST 12071 Modern America: From Industrialization to Globalization
HM 23012 Food Study HM 4/53030 Food Service Systems Management
MATH 11010 Algebra for Calculus MATH 14002 Basic Mathematical Concepts 2
MMTG 45030 Sales and Sales Management MUS 22111 Understanding of Music
MUS 22121 Music as a World Phenomenon NUTR 23511 Science of Human Nutrition 
PHIL 11001 Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 11009 Principles of Thinking
PHIL 21001 Introduction to Ethics PHY 11030 Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe
PHY 13001 General College Physics 1 PHY 13002 General College Physics 2
PHY 13021 General College Physics Laboratory 1 PHY 13022 General College Physics Laboratory 2
PHY 21430 Frontiers in Astronomy  PHY 23101 General University Physics 1
PHY 23102 General University Physics 2 PSYC 11762 General Psychology
PSYC 20651 Child Psychology PSYC 21211 Psychology of Adjustment
PSYC 21621 Quantitative Methods in Psychology PSYC 31532 Social Psychology
RUS 12201 Elementary Russian 1 SOC 12050 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 22778 Social Problems SPAN 18201 Elementary Spanish 1
SPAN 18202 Elementary Spanish 2 SPAN 28201 Intermediate Spanish 1
SPAN 28202 Intermediate Spanish 2 THEA 11000 Art of the Theatre