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Audio Footage in the May 4 Collection: Restricted Audio Footage & Recordings

What are duplication restrictions?

Some of the audio footage in the May 4 Collection has duplication restrictions. This simply means that these collections are available for personal research purposes only and the audio cannot be duplicated with intent to publish or broadcast without prior permission from the copyright holder(s).

If you are seeking footage to be used for a published paper, project, website, film, broadcast, or other type of use beyond personal research,we cannot provide duplications for you, unless you first secure permission from the relevant copyright holder(s).

If your use is for personal research or educational purposes (e.g. use in a student paper),please contact the Department of Special Collections and Archives for assistance in how to access needed audio footage for these purposes.

What's the big deal about copyright?

In many cases, the Department of Special Collections and Archives and Kent State University do not own the copyright to materials held in our archival collections. The copyright holder is very often the person who originally recorded the audio footage. It is your own responsibility to secure formal, written permission from the copyright holder(s) if you intend to use their work for purposes other than research.