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Kent State University Library Resources for KSUCPM: Getting Books


KentLINK is the Libraries' online catalog for the library holdings on all KSU campuses. It is the key finding tool for books, journals, videos, etc. OhioLINK is comparable, providing access to college and university libraries statewide.

KentLINK is available through the Libraries' home page ( or directly at

Best approach : Search by keyword

  • it will identify books with the keyword in TITLE
  • also books that have a BOOK CHAPTER on that topic

Search example by keyword for "sports medicine rehabilitation"


Getting the book

This is a sample book record from KentLINK:

1. bibliographic information about the book.

2. location & call #: "Main" is the main library on the Kent campus.

3. status: if the book is available, you can go the designated library and check it out. If the book is not available, click on "OhioLINK" on the top tool bar on the KentLINK page to check for an available copy within the state. You can request any item through OhioLINK for delivery to a pick-up location of your choice or for delivery to your Kent campus dorm.

4. request: if the book is available, but you would like to have it delivered to a pick-up location of your choice, click this button.

If not in KentLINK or OhioLINK...

If the needed book is not available through KentLINK or OhioLINK, request through your library's interlibrary loan service.

When a Book is Not Available through KSU

Kent State is one of the 90 members of OhioLINK, the statewide information consortium of academic libraries. When KentLINK shows that the book you need is not available,

1. Click on the OhioLINK Central button at the top of the KentLINK screen: OhioLINK Central. This will re-execute your search in the merged OhioLINK catalog of 50 million books.

2. If the resulting OhioLINK screen indicates there are "available" copies for the book, click on the request button:

3. You will be asked to identify your institution and then to supply your FLASHline credentials. Also, you will choose where you want to pick up your book. You can choose an institution and location convenient for you.

4. Press "Submit". You can expect books to be delivered to your KSU pick-up location within 3 working days.