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Kent State University Library Resources for KSUCPM: Home

KSU Information Environment

You have access to the library resources available on the Kent and Regional Campuses.

In addition, the University's membership in OhioLINK connects you to the book collections of the 90 academic libraries in Ohio plus over 12,000 e-journals and 140 research databases.

NOTE: To access these licensed resources from off-campus, you will need to "authenticate".  See the "Connecting from off-campus" information in the box to the right.

What's in this Guide

University Libraries welcomes the students, faculty, and staff of KSUCPM to share in the resources available through the University and OhioLINK. This guide highlights the basics of what is available and how to access.

Getting Started: guide to key tools and resources

Getting Books: options for getting what you need

Identifying Journal Articles:  research databases for searching for what you need

Getting Journal Articles: obtaining the articles you identify

Connecting from Off-Campus

Resources licensed by the Libraries require that users authenticate themselves as valid University users. There are presently two authentication methods available.

1.  The KSU Proxy is a service that allows you to connect to the library's resources from an off-campus or remote location as if you were on campus. To access the library's resources, enter your Flashline ID and password when you are prompted to do so. 

Click here for more information and answers to common questions about KSU Proxy.

2.  OhioLINK Authentication Service allows access only to OhioLINK resources. This includes most research databases and electronic journals. No special setup is required. Authentication requires use of your Flashline credentials. A session times out after two hours.

Which Method to Use?

For most of the library's resources, logging in via the KSU Proxy service is an acceptable way to obtain access. However, resources that are provided through OhioLINK may require you to access them via the OhioLINK Authentication Service. Also, the OhioLINK Authentication Service can be an alternative method to accessing library resources in the event the KSU Proxy is not working. 

Getting Help

For assistance in using any of these authentication methods, contact the University HelpDesk at 330-672-HELP(4357) or or visit .

For assistance in using any library resource, contact library staff.