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Searching for Resouces about Art History, Art Education or Studio Art?

Guides for supporting the various degrees offered by the School of Art include a number of art and design-related electronic research databases. Kent State University Libraries' holdings are inclusive of resources supporting research in advanced graduate programs, including education and art studio.  Online digital image databases provide a rich selection for the study of the history of art from every period and culture. Access to full text dissertations and theses provide an invaluable basis for reviewing research done in all aspects of art history and studio, including crafts such as weaving and ceramics. Many full-text journals in both art, education, art criticism, aesthetics and theory are also available online. Other databases in such subjects as psychology and ethnic studies are important for interdisciplinary research and can be accessed from the Alphabetical List found on the Homepage.

Primary Art Databases

Secondary Art Databases

Interdisciplinary Databases for Art Studies