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HIST 41079 - Migrations to America 1607 to present: Home

HIST 41079 - Migrations to America 1607 to Present

Census Information:

Kent State's University Library is a Federal Documents depository library.  We hold many government publications, including past years of the decennial census.  To identify what is in our print holdings, search KentLINK for the subject: United States Census.   Our print census materials are generally located on the 10th floor in the Government Documents section, though some parts may be shelved in the general collection or are in storage.  

Historical Census Data Sources (internet and licensed database)

In addition to our print holdings, there are a number of sites and resources that access to some of historical census data.

Internet Sites with Historical Census Information:


These guides provide strong overviews of census research (since these are guides from other libraries, please be sure to check our holdings in KentLINK if you see a title or resource you are interested in.)


This guide is more immigration focused:



Licensed Database with Historical Census Information

(in order to use this resource from off-campus, you must first authenticate with KSU Proxy):