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Systematic Methods for Literature Reviews: SRM - Examples & related

Examples of Systematic Reviews

A list of publications that explicitly state they are "systematic reviews". Some of these are publications of major organizations. Others are SR found in other outlets.

1. Any of the full reviews found at these sites: Cochrane Collaboration, Campbell Collaboration, EPPI-Centre.

2. PROSPERO - International prospective register of systematic reviews

3. Any of the full articles in the open access journal Systematic Reviews.

4. Use article databases to identify "systematic reviews".  Examples:

  • PubMed: Do a topical search. Then filter your results to Systematic Reviews using the choices on the left side of the screen.
  • PsycInfo (EBSCO): Find and click on PsycInfo from this page, then type search terms, then choose Systematic review, or Meta-analysis from the Methodology box on the page. Then run search.

Other "types of literature review projects"

A list of publication types that might be evaluated for their use of SR methods or for possible use with SR methods.

  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Bayesian Metaanalysis
  • Bibliographic Essay
  • Bibliography
  • Case Survey
  • Content AnalysisCritical Interpretive Synthesis
  • Critical Review
  • Cross-Case Techniques
  • Diagnostic Test review
  • Exploratory Literature Review
  • Grounded Meta-analysis
  • Grounded Theory
  • Human Genome Epidemiology Systematic Reviews
  • Knowledge Synthesis
  • Mapping Review
  • Meta-analysis
  • Meta-ethnography
  • Meta-narrative Review
  • Meta-study
  • Meta-summary
  • Metasynthesis
  • Methodologically Inclusive Research Synthesis
  • Mixed Studies Review
  • Narrative Explanatory Synthesis
  • Narrative Review
  • Narrative Summary
  • Network meta-analysis
  • Overview
  • Prognostic review
  • Qualitative comparative analysis
  • Qualitative Evidence Synthesis
  • Qualitative Meta-analysis
  • Qualitative Research Synthesis
  • Quantitative Meta-analysis
  • Rapid Review
  • Realist Synthesis
  • Research Synthesis
  • Scoping
  • State of the Art Review
  • Survey of the Literature
  • Systematic Map and Synthesis Review
  • Systematized Review
  • Thematic Analysis
  • Umbrella Review