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Complementary and Integrative Health: Search Terms and Subject Headings

How to Search CINAHL and MeSH Subject Headings

View this short video for how to use the Subject Headings search features in CINAHL Plus with Full Text and MEDLINE Complete

CINAHL Subject Headings

When using CINAHL Plus with Full Text, search more efficiently with CINAHL Subject Headings.  Below are some examples of Complementary and Integrative Health CINAHL Subject Headings.

Alternative Therapies Integrative Medicine Holistic Nursing
Holistic Health Holistic Care Relaxation Techniques
Reiki Magnet Therapy Massage
Acupuncture Acupressure Art Therapy
Aromatherapy Medicine, Herbal Dance Therapy
Tai Chi Qigong Therapeutic Touch
Spiritual Healing Mind Body Techniques Hypnosis
Medicine, East Asian Traditional Tui Na Dietary Supplements
Manipulation, Chiropractic Homeopathy Medicine, Chinese Traditional
Plants, Medicinal Yoga Meditation
Mindfulness Medicine Ayurvedic Music Therapy


MeSH Headings

Also known as Medical Subject Headings.  These are used in multiple databases including:

Below are some examples of Complementary and Integrative Health MeSH Subject Headings.

Medicine, Ayurvedic Mind-Body Therapies Hypnosis
Therapeutic Touch Spiritual Therapies Faith Healing
Complementary Therapies Integrative Medicine Holistic Health
Holistic Nursing Relaxation Therapy Herbal Medicine
Massage Acupuncture Acupuncture Therapy
Art Therapy Aromatherapy Dance Therapy
Tai Ji Medicine, Chinese Traditional Medicine, East Asian Traditional
Qigong Acupressure Dietary Supplements
Chiropractic Manipulation, Chiropractic Homeopathy
Plants, Medicinal Yoga Meditation
Mindfulness Music Therapy Drugs, Chinese Herbal


See video below for more information on searching PubMed, including how to search using MeSH headings in PubMed.