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Public Health Policy: Emerging Issues: Research Databases and Journals

Where and How to Search for Journal Articles

CDC Journals


Learn more about searching PubMed!

Need some help searching PubMed effectively? These resources from the National Library of Medicine are just what the doctor ordered!

Health Indicators PubMed Searches!

You can search PubMed with targeted search strategies for each of the Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators!

On the Leading Health Indicators Topics page:

  • Click on the topical area of a particular LHI topic.
  • Click on the "View Details" pulldown arrow.
  • Click on the "Search PubMed for Literature Relating to this Objective" link to excecute a librarian-designed search in PubMed.

***Helpful Hint: In order to use Kent State University FindIt with OLinks in PubMed, you must go to PubMed using the special KSU LinkOut URL before executing the search from the LHI Topics page.

More Useful Databases!

Please note that if you are off-campus, you must authenticate. For more about off-campus access, read this.

Help with Search Strategies

Search effectively!