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Portfolio Design for Architecture and Interior Design: Home

What Is a Portfolio?


One of the most important things for any architect or interior designer is their portfolio. A portfolio is not just a good idea; it is a necessary component for any successful designer.

An architectural portfolio is a collection of works and designs that exhibit an architect’s experience and past accomplishments.

Architectural portfolios generally contain sketches, diagrams and photographs that reflect the designer's creativity, skill, range and ambition.    

Types of Portfolios

Catalog Portfolio

A traditional catalog or "academic" portfolio is an assemblage of documentation that includes but is not limited to various accreditations, industry certifications, drafts and sketches of proposed projects, photographs of constructed designs as well as designs for future proposals.


Digital Portfolio

A digital portfolio is a collection of works displayed on the Internet. This type of portfolio may feature all the aspects of a traditional catalog portfolio but can utilize animation, sound and interactivity. Digital portfolios are easy to disseminate and may be marketed to a wider audience by utilizing social media.


Video Portfolio

A video portfolio is a documentary of an architect’s work, usually of a single project from conception to completion. This type of portfolio is generally used as supplementary material to a digital or catalog portfolio.


Multimedia Portfolio

A multimedia portfolio contains aspects of catalog, digital and video portfolio methods. A well-constructed multimedia portfolio can be an extremely effective aid in college entry and job placement. Multimedia portfolios may provide viewers links to further information, work examples, video or other interactive supplements.