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Nursing Library Orientation: Getting Books

Using KentLINK and OhioLINK to get the books you need

Finding Books about a Topic in the KSU Catalog

KentLINK is the University Libraries' online catalog of print and online resources on all KSU campuses. It is the key finding tool for books, journals, videos, etc. The OhioLINK Library Catalog provides comparable access to university library collections statewide.

KentLINK searching is available on University Libraries' main webpage clicking on Kentlink in the Research Tools section of the blue search box or using the KentLINK main search page at


Best approach : Search by keyword

  • Will identify books with the keyword(s) in TITLE, abstract, or subject heading.
  • Also will identify books that have a BOOK CHAPTER with that keyword.

Search example: Keyword phrase "nursing theory"


You can also search by AUTHOR, TITLE, and SUBJECT using the other tabs.


Finding an Edited Book

Best approach: do a keyword search in the KentLINK catalog and include the word "edited."  Here's an example:

This is one book from that search--see the editor information in place of author information:

Getting the Book

This is a sample book record from KentLINK:


  1. Bibliographic information about the book.
  2. Location & Call #: "MAIN" is the main library on the Kent Campus.
  3. Status: If the book is available, you can go get it and check it out. If the book is not available, click on "OhioLINK" button on the top tool bar on the KentLINK page to check for an available copy within the state. You can request any item through OhioLINK for delivery to a pick-up location of your choice or for delivery to your Kent campus dorm.
  4. Request: If the book is available, but you would like to have it delivered to a pick-up location of your choice, a Kent campus office, or to your Kent campus dorm, click this button.

If you are an exclusively off-campus distance learning student, you can request book delivery. See here for more information!

Other Sources for Finding Books

If searching KentLINK or OhioLINK does not identify the book(s) you need, try these useful resources: