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Civil War Resources in Special Collections: Civil War Archival Collections - Detailed List

Civil War Archival Collections - Detailed List

The following archival collections are primary sources that can aid in your Civil War research.  Click on the links provided to access each collection's finding aid on our website. The finding aid will provide further background information and a detailed inventory of what you can expect to find in each collection.

David Bash papers, 1861-1910

This collection contains the official military records of Captain David Bash of Stark County, Ohio. Bash moved through the ranks to eventually become Captain of Company H of the 19th O.V.I.  His papers include official statements, returns, receipts, and correspondence throughout the length of the Civil War. View the David Bash papers finding aid.

Sylvester Daman papers, 1862-1865

Sylvester Daman of Medina County, Ohio, served in the 103rd O.V.I. from 1862-1865.  His collection contains correspondence to his wife and son while on active duty.  The Sylvester Daman papers also include two diaries, giving researchers a unique glance into a soldier's daily life. View the Sylvester Daman papers finding aid.

John Alfred Means papers, 1864-1961

The papers of John Alfred Means, of Tallmadge, Ohio, contain official military documents including general and special orders relating to his capacity as Captain and Lieutenant Colonel of the 115th O.V.I. View the John Alfred Means papers finding aid.

Lysander W. Tulleys papers, 1861-1864

At the time of the Civil War,  Lysander W. Tulleys was located in Greene County, Ohio, and went on to serve in both the 2nd and 44th O.V.I.  Captain Tulleys' collection includes items such as official orders, receipts, journals, correspondence, autobiographical material, and photographs.  View the Lysander W. Tulleys papers finding aid.

United States Civil War patriotic envelopes collection, 1861-1865

A varied collection of forty-four American Civil War-era patriotic envelopes dating from 1861-1865. Each envelope is adorned with artwork, often depicting the political and cultural turmoil of the time. View the United States Civil War patriotic envelopes collection finding aid.

Marshall W. Wright papers, 1857-1898

Marshall W. Wright, of Ashtabula County, Ohio, served as Quartermaster of the 105th O.V.I.  This collection contains detailed monthly quartermaster records from 1862 to 1864, including equipage, transportation, and supply documentation of the 105th regiment. View the Marshall W. Wright papers finding aid.

Collections Including Selected Civil War Materials:

While the following collections do not focus entirely on the Civil War, they each contain a significant amount of materials relating to the era.

American Historical Manuscripts, 1765-1982

Boxes 5 and 6 of this manuscripts collection contain correspondence and diaries from various soldiers and those affected by the Civil War.  View the American Historical Manuscripts finding aid.

Florence Gray Beall papers, 1815-1980

The Florence Gray Beall papers include correspondence and mortgage deeds contemporary to the Civil War. View the Florence Gray Beall papers finding aid.

Borowitz Sheet Music Collection

The Borowitz Sheet Music Collection features sheet music from five  Civil War era musicals, including Black Crook and Enchanted BeautyView the Borowitz Sheet Music finding aid.

Betsy Mix Cowles papers, 1821-1976

The Besty Mix Cowles papers is an extensive collection documenting the life of this abolitionist and feminist throughout the nineteenth century.  The correspondence, diaries, and abolitionist pamphlets and newspapers lend a unique view to the understanding of the Civil War era. View the Besty Mix Cowles papers finding aid.  

Dick Dudley Donaghy papers, 1892-1975

While this collection focuses mainly on the Donaghy family, these papers do include information on George A. Furry of the 7th O.V.I., including a chronology of his service.  View the Dick Dudley Donaghy papers finding aid.

The Kelso House Collection

The Kelso House Collection is a large regional history resource that focuses on Brimfield Township and other local communities of Portage County, Ohio.  While Box 6 is dedicated entirely to Civil War Records of Brimfield Township, other boxes include diaries, family papers, scrapbooks, and records pertinent to the Civil War era.  Note: This collection is housed off-site and requires advanced notice for use. View the Kelso House Collection finding aid

Ohio Historical Manuscripts, 1805-1963

Box 1 of this collection contains some documents pertaining to Ohioans and the Civil War, including materials relating to a Soldiers Aid Society. View the Ohio Historical Manuscripts finding aid.  

Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman papers, 1825-1994

Although Civil War materials are just one small facet of this entire collection, Boxes 1, 2, and 3 of the Rodgers and Silverman papers include correspondence, documents, and photographs contemporary to the Civil War. View the Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman papers finding aid.

Charles Wesley Slack papers, 1817-1906

Charles Wesley Slack, of Massachusetts, was deeply involved in the abolition movement leading up to the Civil War, as well as radical reconstruction during its aftermath.  His collection contains correspondence, many documenting his reflections on the progress of the war.  View the Charles Wesley Slack papers finding aid.