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Introduction to Research: May 4 Collection: Locating Sources

Primary Sources

The May 4 Collection contains a wealth of primary sources such as letters, audio recordings, and photographs related to the Kent State shootings and their aftermath.

Librarian Lingo

Finding Aids: To describe the contents of archival collections, librarians and archivists create guides called "finding aids." These finding aids include detailed information about the origins and content of archival collections.

  • To view a detailed list of the contents of the May 4 Collection (with links to finding aids) see our Collection Contents page. 
  • For subject access to the collection, use the Collection Index which also links to finding aids.
  • On both the Collection Contents and Subject Index page, any collection with the "ONLINE" logo below its name includes digitized content that can be accessed online.

Secondary Sources

There are many books and articles that have been written about the Kent State shootings. An annotated bibliography of selected books, articles, and Web sites is available from Special Collections and Archives.