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Pediatric Nursing Resources: Searching the Pediatric Literature

Locating Journals in the Pediatric Literature

Watch this quick video to learn how to find articles in journals with "pediatric" in their titles using CINAHL Plus with Full Text.

Another Way to Locate Pediatric Journals

Note on Using Publication Finder:

You can find journals with the word "Pediatric" in the title by searching the Publication Finder for "pediatric."  The results will be names of journals, not articles.  When you find a journal you're interested in, look below the title and you will see links to databases where the journal is located and a date range.  Pay attention to the date range--just because a journal is listed doesn't necessarily mean that we have full text of the entire journal.  When you click on a database, it will take you to the journal's landing page.  You can then search for specific topics within that journal.

Recommended Databases

Databases for Psychology or Psychiatric Topics

Where's the Full Text?

Have you ever been searching a database and wondered why you couldn't find the PDF of the full article?  This quick video highlights ways to get the full text of journal articles.