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Anti-Racism Resources

This guide provides links to anti-racism articles, books, web sites, and other resources. Many of these were suggested by the Kent State University community.


This guide seeks to help educators in their efforts to offer more equity in the classroom by providing resources and support. In an attempt to decolonize the classroom, here are some changes one must look to implement:

  • diversify materials and content
  • teach to learning outcomes that address power and social justice;
  • design assessments that allow diverse students to demonstrate mastery in diverse ways;
  • involve students in the creation of knowledge, content, and curriculum;
  • embrace diverse language usage in interactions, writing, and tests;
  • involve oneself at the institutional, local, state, and national levels to advocate for equity.

Decolonizing the curriculum is about presenting a fair and equal picture of Human thought and achievement that represents knowledge and ideas from thinkers and authors of all nationalities, cultures, ethnicities, and identities. 

Where to begin?