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Architecture Library / Fashion Library - Earth Day Tutorials and Resources.

Material Connexion

Seeking innovative and sustainable materials for your next design project?  Material Connexion is a “database containing more than 4,500 materials and processes. Includes photographs, and company/vendor contact information.”  Materials can be narrowed down by several major categories including composition, process applications, sustainability, physical and performance qualities.   Each category contains additional subdivisions to further narrow the search.  This database can be used to find materials that are biodegradable, reclaimed, recyclable or created from waste materials. 

Material Connexion Webinars

Material Connexion hosts regular webinars featuring innovative products and companies.  Upcoming webinars can be found on their events page.

Material Connexion Collection.

The Belden Brick Materials Library in the John Elliot Center for Architecture and Environmental Design houses select Material Connexion panels that highlights innovative products.  To explore the collection, please contact the Architecture Library.  (Please note that access is limited during the Covid-19 Pandemic.)

Materials Library Display