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Library Reopening Compliance Guidelines


The University Libraries Compliance Task Force offers this guide to assist library staff in dealing with visitors to libraries who are not in compliance with university safety standards. Please refer to the principles to the left as overall guidance with dealing with compliance issues. The chart below provides some types of behaviors with suggested responses, when those behaviors are encountered. If your unit would like a training/discussion session with the task force, contact Rob Kairis ( Otherwise, you can sign up for an open session to better help you prepare for dealing with compliance issues, as our libraries open to the public in the fall.

Behaviors and Responses


General Behavior

Employee’s Question

Patron’s Answer


Patron not wearing a mask/face covering at any time or anywhere in our building:

May I ask why you are not wearing a mask?


May I ask you to put on your mask, please?

I forgot my mask.

Strongly suggest they retrieve their personal mask. Offer a mask when available.

I have a medical condition.

Ask if patron has submitted a Pandemic Adjustment Form (  If they say yes, ask if they have obtained a face shield to wear instead of a mask.

I do not have to wear a mask – it is my right.

Refer to the University’s Safe Seven Policy. Offer patron a mask, if available. Inform patron of State of Ohio mask mandate and risk of reporting to Office of Student Conduct. If patron still refuses compliance and becomes combative, refuse service and call KSUPD. File report with Office of Student Conduct.

I have a mask, but took it off since I am by myself.

Refer to the University’s Safe Seven Policy. Inform patron of State of Ohio mask mandate. Inform patron of the spread of germs on surfaces when not wearing mask. Strongly suggest they put on their mask.

Patron(s) not physically distancing:

Why are you not physically distancing yourselves?

We’re studying/working together on a project.

Refer to the University’s Safe Seven Policy. Strongly suggest that they try to physically distance themselves.

I live with or I am related to these individuals. 

Refer to the University’s Safe Seven Policy. Strongly suggest that they physically distance themselves while in the building.

Patron(s) not following building guidelines:

  • Being on a closed floor (5-12)
  • More than one in a study room
  • More than one on an elevator

Why are you on this floor?
(any floor currently closed to the public)

Sorry, I wasn’t aware.

Inform patron of closed floors – 5th through 12th. Ask them to move to a floor that is open to the public. Encourage patron to scan the QR code on library staff member's card.

Why is there more than one person in this study room?

Sorry, I wasn’t aware. OR We are roommates/close friends.

Refer to signage and physical distancing policy.

Why are all/both of you on the elevator? (more than one person)

Sorry, I wasn’t aware. OR

I was here first.

Refer to signage and physical distancing policy. Only one person per car. Ask the other person/people to wait for next car.

Person exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms:

Most common symptoms:

- Fever                               - Dry cough

- Tiredness

Less common symptoms:

- Aches and pains              - Sore throat

- Diarrhea                          - Conjunctivitis     

- Headache                        - Loss of taste/smell

- Rash on skin or discoloration of fingers/toes

Serious symptoms:

- Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

- Chest pain/pressure

- Loss of speech of movement

Are you feeling OK?

No, I don’t feel well.


I feel fine.

Inform patron of on-campus medical assistance, if needed. Suggest patron seek medical attention. Offer to call the University’s Health Center for them or give them the phone number.

University Medical Services: 330-672-2322

24-Hour Nurse Line: 330-672-2326