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Library Instructional Spaces: May 4th Resource Room

May 4th Resource Room

Policy and Use Guidelines

The primary purpose of the May 4th Resource Room is to seImage of May 4 Resource Roomrve as a place for students to inquire, learn, and reflect on the events of May 4, 1970. The room also houses a group of selected artwork, artifacts, and non-circulating publications related to May 4.

Informal, impromptu gatherings are permitted with the knowledge that others may also expect to use the room during that time. When reserved, the Resource Room is unavailable to others. Reserved periods are clearly posted.

Eligibility for Reserving the May 4th Resource Room

  1. Kent State University student-related organizations, clubs, or committees with a responsible party (member/advisor/leader).
  2. Kent State University faculty member with a small group of students for the purpose of instruction or review.
  3. The Room may not be reserved by University departments nor by parties not affiliated with Kent State University.

Scheduling Guidelines

  1. Meetings of the May 4th Student Task Force take scheduling precedence each semester.
  2. The Room is available only during regular building hours.
  3. In all cases, maximum group size is 15.

Use Guidelines

  1. Nothing may be affixed to the walls.
  2. Additional software needs cannot be supported, nor may users install additional software on the Room's computer.
  3. Rearrangement of the furniture is not permitted.
  4. Parties using the Room are responsible for restoring the Room to its original condition after use. Any group leaving the Room in disorder is liable for a labor charge to clean and/or reset the Room.

Approved by University Libraries Council, October 22, 2008.