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Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley. Managing your library research.

Before you aware of these steps.

  1. See what software programs can do. Attend a workshop.  See tutorials on websites.
  2. At left see Comparisons.
  3. Ask friends or colleagues about their experience.
  4. Choose a software program: Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley **.
  5. At left see Get the Software, then connect and follow directions to download and install the chosen program.
  6. Download and install plugin for web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). These grab references and pdfs, etc. as you are doing searches for information/resources on research topics.
  7. Download and install plugin for Word; these help automate citations and references. Note: The word processor plugins are bundled with Zotero and should be installed automatically for each supported word processor on your computer when you first start Zotero.
  8. Register for free online account for program.  Connect to program site to do this. Use to back up your research contents, to access your content from any computer, create groups for collaboration, etc.  This "back up" is called "syncing".
  9. Configure program on your computer.  For syncing, for pdfs, citation style, resolver, etc.
    To help access full text articles use this OpenURL link resolver:
  10. After you have your software set up, begin to use it *slowly. By going slow you can "see how it works".
  11. Know where to get help: librarian, friend, online guides, online forums or tutorials at software program sites
    ** Special note: you can transfer content from one program to another. However, after you choose, it can be a good idea not to switch before you complete important projects like papers, theses, dissertations, etc.