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NURS 70630: Research & Methods for Evidence-based Practice: Obtaining Articles

How do I actually get the articles I need?

When you identify an article in a KSU research database such as CINAHL:

Click on this icon in the article display:  

  • "Find It!" will check the Journal Finder to see if the article is available to you at Kent State University.
  • This will take you to a page where the electronic copy of the article will be linked if available. You will see a display similar to this
  • If you do not see "Go to article" link, then click on this link to request a free copy of the article:

When you are not in a research database, but need a specific article:

Use the Journal Finder. The link to this tool is also on the University Libraries' homepage in the blue box.

  • Search by the journal title. Article level information is not searchable.
  • For journals available online: click on the title link for the journal Determine if your volume and issue are available. For many titles, the recent years afe available online and the earlier years are print only.
  • For print journals: the Journal Finder will take you to the KentLINK record showing the volumes and years available. The print journals are shelved in alphabetical order by journal title on the 5th and 6th floor of the University Library. Current year issues are shelved with the bound journals for each title.

Managing your records

Most search interfaces allow you to register a free account.  You are strong encouraged to register so that you can take advantage of features such as: Saving an item record, saving search history, exporting records.

Click on the PDF full-text links.  Once open, full text can be downloaded and shared.

Store, share and organize records:

From "folder view" export, share, organize your records.