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Career Resources for Music Majors: Writing Résumés, Cover Letters & Bios


The following resources outline ways to craft effective résumés, CVs, cover letters, bios, reference lists, statements, and more. Before you apply for jobs and other opportunities, contact Career Services to review your documents.



Current and former employers make ideal references, as do colleagues with whom you work professionally. Your instructors are also valuable references but may be viewed as your advocates; if possible, avoid including too many instructors on any reference list.


Musicians need bios for websites, concert programs, media promotions, and more. A common length is 150-250 words structured in three or more concise paragraphs:

  • First Paragraph: Identity statement plus example. (E.g., Award-winning pianist My Name performs as soloist and chamber musician throughout the US. During the 2012-2013 season, she appeared...)
  • Middle Paragraph(s): Key activities and accomplishments. (My Name has performed concerti with the Suncoast and Downunder Symphonies...Her awards include top prizes in...)
  • Final Paragraph: Education and background. (Ms. Name earned the Master of Music degree from the Kent State University and the Bachelor of Arts from Name University. She studied chamber music with...)

For an example of a bio that uses this structure, see the website of conductor Stephen Mulligan.

Additional resources