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This guide contains our collection of weekly multimedia tips, organized by semester. Choose from the pages listed on the lefthand navigation to access the the archived collection.

Tip of the Week

Fixing and preventing frayed cables image of the Apple brand's icon

If you own some type of Apple device such as an iPhone or MacBook, chances are you have encountered a frayed charging cable at some point. Apple cables do not have typical strain reliefs like other brands so gravity and pulling on the cord itself can cause the cable to wear out over time. The cheapest way to fix it is wrapping with electrical tape. But what about prevention? One trick is to take the spring out of an old ink pen, wrap around the cable and sliding it to the end. This will help reinforce the cable strength. If you don't mind paying, there are additional prevention options such as cable savers and Sugru (a putty-like substance that can be molded into any shape and hardens into a rubbery consistency). Ultimately it's best to be conscious about how you unplug your devices. To extend the life of your cable, pull from the plug itself not the cord.