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This guide contains our collection of weekly multimedia tips. To check out our latest tip of the week, visit the 2016 tips page.

To access the archived collection of tips, organized by semester, simply choose from the years listed on the lefthand navigation.

Tip of the Week

Example of an oversized brush in PhotoshopHaving trouble with your brushes in Photoshop? This happened to us this week so we thought that we'd share. While working in Photoshop on a Mac we noticed that our brushes were not utilizing the entire fill space of the brush when painting, erasing, etc. This made it difficult when trying to erase along the edge of an object, for example. There was a gap between the center of the brush that was painting/erasing and the outer perimeter of the actual brush shape. What happened was that our mouse cursor size on our computer was set to be larger than "Normal", making the cursor appear larger on the screen in order to increase its visibility. Unfortunately, Photoshop does not recognize this change so it doesn't know that the brush is appearing larger than actual size, which explains the gap. If this happens to you, here's how to fix it. Simply open System Preferences and under Accessibility, switch the cursor size back to "Normal". If you miss the larger cursor size you can always switch it back once you're done working in Photoshop.