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Physical Therapy Resources: Discovery @ Kent State

Search KentLINK, OhioLINK and select databases

Discovery Results

1.  Begin with a Research Starter which is usually an article from a reputable encyclopedia

2.  Results of the search include books, ebooks, journal articles, dissertations, videos, and more.

3.  On the right are news articles, images, and videos from the web that are related to the topic.

4.  Over half a million results were retrieved!  Lessen this number by using the limiters.

What Catalog and Database Metadata are Included?


In the Discovery Search Box type your topic.  For example:  spinal stenosis.

You will get over 11,000 results.  Now, add a second term/phrase on the second line of the search box.  Try adding:  physical therapy.  Now you have over 400 resrouces on the topic of spinal stenosis and physical therapy.


  • If only a book is needed, try KentLINK or OhioLINK catalogs instead.  Sometimes going directly to the source, especially if a specific format is needed, is easier than Discovery
  • There are defaults in Discovery that may need changed.  Here's an example: The default is full-text only so that means that the MLA Bilbliography, an important source for English, will not be searched.
  • Learn to use the limiters in the left panel to narrow down the results.

Information about Discovery@Kent State

What is Discovery@Kent State?

Discovery@Kent State simultaneously searches the metadata of KentLINK, OhioLINK and a large number of selected databases and indexes. Users are able to request material from OhioLINK or connect directly to eResources including full-text journal articles if they are available in any of Kent State's databases. In addition the service will present links to related news items, images and videos.

What about KentLINK?

Discovery@Kent State is not a replacement for KentLINK. In fact, the discovery service depends on KentLINK for the metadata it searches and for requesting services. There will still be local searches that will be more efficient directly in KentLINK.