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Physical Therapy Resources: Electronic Journal Center (OhioLink)

Accessing the Electronic Journal Center

The OhioLink Electronic Journal Center

Full-text coverage of selected journals in the areas of arts, humanities, math, medicine, science, engineering, computer science, and social sciences. This link gives the current status of access to EJC titles. For some, links are provided through publishers' web sites. All articles in the EJC can be considered scholarly.

Search Strategies for the EJC (Electronic Journal Center)

In the Electronic Journal center  you may find it easier to do a basic search using the boolean operator "and" instead of an advanced search. See below for advanced search instructions.

1. Click on Advanced Search. This will give you a Multi-Field Search interface.

2.Select an area of search for your topic. Ask yourself if you need the search topic to be in the article abstract, title, or anywhere in the article then type your search term.

3. Type Physical Therapy, and also select if you want it mentioned in the text of the article, the title or abstract.

4. .Limit to a date range if desired or required by your professor.

5. If you have a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number you can type it directly here and the EJC will search for the article. You will sometimes find a DOI# listed for articles in the reference section of other articles or books you may have used.