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OCAT: Occupational Therapy Assisting: APA Style

Changes to APA Style with the 7th edition

In October 2019 The American Psychological Association published the 7th edition of the APA manual. There are some changes that are of note for this edition. Watch the video if you are interested in the 17 most important changes. 

Most universities and professors will not implement these changes until Spring of 2020. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Help with APA Style

Kent State Univeristy, Univeristy Libraries: APA LibGuide

Vanessa Earp, Education Librarian from KSU University Libraries, provides detailed information on how-to cite authors/editors, titles, different types of information, in-text citation and how to create reference lists.

Kent State University, University Libraries: APA Tip Sheet

This basic APA handout provides examples of books, articles and web resources. It has been updated to reflect the changes of the 7th edition.

APA Style

Revised and updated 7th edition guide of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. This link goes directly to frequently asked questions about APA citations and style.

Purdue University's APA 6th Edition Style Guide

Learn how to format an APA research paper, create in-text citations and endnotes/footnotes, and cite sources.

Citation Generators

Citation Machine

Citation Machine is a free interactive web tool designed to assist in generating citations in APA, and other publication styles.  The primary goal of this tool is to make it easy to credit information sources.

KnightCite Citation Creator

A project of Calvin College's Heckman Library. KnightCite is a free resource that can be used to create citations and APA formats for many types of print and electronic resources.

Get Help with Writing and Citing

See the Learning Commons Coordinator with assistance with your APA citations

Watch the videos under the Tab "How to Set-up your APA paper in WORD for assistance with initial set-up of an APA paper in WORD

For assistance in writing and APA style of your paper submit your paper to the Kent Online Writing Center. Make sure to allow several days for them to review your paper and return it to you. You will then need time to make any changes before you submit your paper to your professor.


NOTE:  The second and subsequent lines of all citations should be indented!  This is called a "hanging indent"  See instructions in the box below on how to do this in Word.  The example citations here are not indented.


Collins, S.  (2008).  The hunger games.  New York, NY: Scholastic Books.


Alderman, J. (2001).  Sonic boom: Napster, MP3, and the new pioneers of music.  Retrieved from

Online Journal from a Database

Norton, E. (2011). Turn On the Dark. School Library Journal, 57(8), 38-43. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

Print Journal

Norton, E. (2011). Turn On the Dark. School Library Journal, 57(8), 38-43.

Web Site

De George, R. T. (2005, February 19). A history of business ethics. Retrieved from

Hanging Indents in Word

To create hanging indents in Word:

  1. Highlight the entire citation.
  2. Make sure you are on the "Home tab" and then click on Paragraph.
  3. In the paragraph window that pops up, drop down the Special: menu and select: Hanging indent.
  4. Click on OK and the second line will indent.