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Learning to Learn Online: Resources, Strategies, and Tips: Create Your Space

Create a Work and Study Space

Whether you live on your own or you have a family that is working and learning from home along with you, having a dedicated study space can help you to focus and more efficiently study and complete assignments.  You do not need to spend money, buy new furniture, or completely remodel a room to create a space that's more conducive to working and studying.  If you find that you are having a hard time concentrating on your classes while we are learning remotely, visit the websites and view the videos below for ideas and inspiration on how to create your own dedicated study area that provides a more distraction-free atmosphere.  Remember: just do what you can with what you have!

Working From Home

Quick Tips & Useful Websites

As mentioned above, you likely do not need to buy new furniture or spend money to create a study space that works for you.  To get started, just keep the following in mind:

  • If possible, choose an area that's private and free from distractions.  Since this might be challenging for some, do what you can and find an area that offers just a little more privacy, or that's slightly more quiet than common areas in your home that are generally pretty busy and bustling. 
  • Make sure you have helpful supplies stored nearby, like a notebook, paper, pens, or pencils for taking notes during lectures or making to-do lists.
  • As you're likely working on a laptop, desktop computer, or other mobile device, try to establish a work/study space with access to an outlet or other power supply.
  • Make sure you're comfortable, and find lighting that best works for you.  If you're sitting in a chair that hurts your back and using a lamp that creates a harsh light that strains your eyes, look around your home to see if you have other seating options or if you can set up your study space by a window that provides natural light.  

Productive work/study spaces do not look the same for everyone.  Create an environment that works best for you, ideally using what you already have. The most important thing is to, as best as you can, have an area that you use only for studying, participating in your classes, and working on your assignments.  Make that the space's purpose so that it is also your purpose when occupying it.


Additional tips for creating a study environment that best works for you can be found on the sites below:


Need inspiration?  Take a look at the different study spaces created by other students all around the world:

How to Create an Organized, Productive Study Space