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Creating A LibGuide

Why use a LibGuide

In today's world, students have access to an overwhelming amount of information. While the access to information has increased, so has the frustration. This has created a problem for students who are bombarded by information. LibGuides serve-up information in pieces that are easily digestiable to an often overloaded student.

LibGuides can give students the information they need to locate the best resources, sometimes resources that they would have never located from traditional Library Webpage.

What is a LibGuide?

What is a LibGuide?

LibGuides are a product distributed by Springshare that allows Librarians and Faculty the ability to create dynamic webpages. These webpages integrate with Library databases, video, quizzes, and numerous resources to enhance student learning.

LibGuide users are part of a large community. Together this community has created a massive amount of information that can be shared amongst its members. Having the ability to share information, techniques, and creativity allows LibGuide users access to use LibGuides in new ways, building on the strengths of the entire community's collective knowledge.

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